Strength Where It Counts

DirtStar Original rims are 20% stronger than OE rims.

Great Upgrade

The Original DirtStar rims are a great upgrade for recreational bikes that take a beating.

OE Compatible

Our Original DirtStar rims are also compatible with your OE hubs, spokes, and nipples, making for an easy switch.

Available sizes


Our DirtStar ST-X rims are 40% stronger than OE rims, making them the optimal rim for extreme racing conditions.

The Choice of Champions

The DirtStar ST-X rims secured the 2019 SX, MX and Straight Rhythm titles and are trusted by the top AMA teams.

OE Compatible

Want optimal rim strength without having to upgrade your OE hub, spokes, and nipples? The DirtStar ST-X rims are OE compatible.

Available sizes