KM500R Chain Tool – NEW BOX

KM500R Box Update!


For years our KM500R tool has come in a very compact, plastic box, which was great for fitting in your tool box, backpack or saddle bag, but tended to crack or completely bust. To be as tough as our tool, we have now introduced a NEW metal box for the KM500R. Dimensionally larger than the plastic box, this new metal box will take up a little more space, but will better protect your investment. It has started shipping from Japan in January 2020, so this new box has slowly made its way into the North American market with an MSRP of $136, but can be found discounted, so check with your local dealer or a reputable online retailer to see if they have the KM500R tool available!

Honda HRC Factory Racing

Our KM500R is a 3-in-1, compact, forged steel motorcycle chain tool designed for professional mechanics, weekend warriors, daily drivers, and off-road enthusiasts alike. This unique tool does everything you need in order to change your bike’s chain, whether you’re in the garage or on-the-go. It allows you to cut chain, press fit connecting link side plates, and rivet pin heads of the master link.

If you’re a visual learner (like myself), click here to watch Motorcyclist Magazine show you step-by-step on how to use the KM500R!

This tool is to be used with D.I.D’s ZJ rivet and FJ press-fit master links only and will work on chain sizes 520, 525, 530 and 532. If your motorcycle came with an endless type chain, it is strongly recommended that you use a ZJ rivet type connecting link when replacing your chain. Also, for sealed chains, you are strongly recommended to use ZJ connecting links. The operation of cutting, pressing and riveting work with the KM500R tool must be performed with complete adherence to the instructions.