d.i.d. 520ATV2 racing chain

Built For
Your ATV

The 520ATV2 is an X-Ring chain designed specifically for ATV racing, in order to give you the best performance out of your chain.

Lighter, Stronger
And Lasts Longer

Our ATV2 X-Ring chain is 7% lighter, 10% stronger, and has an 8% longer chain life than other similar products.

Cold Weather

The steel alloy construction minimizes heat cracking in cold weather during competition.

Available sizes

  • 520ATV2   750 cc max


  • Category   ATV
  • Pin Length (inches)   .738
  • Pin Dia (inches)   .206
  • Plate Thickness In / Out   2 / 2
  • Weight   3.42
  • Tensitle Strength   8430
  • Seal   Yes
  • Chain Life Index   3250
  • Master Link ZJ   Option
  • Master Link FJ   Included
  • Master Link RJ   N/A
  • Max CC   750