Chain of Choice
for AMA Teams

The non-sealed 520ERT3 is our #1 selling motocross chain and is used by race teams such as Monster Energy Kawasaki, Monster Energy/Yamaha Factory, Troy Lee Designs/Red Bull KTM Factory, and GEICO Honda.

The Cutting

With a great tensile strength of 8,300 lbs and weighing in at 2.99 lbs/100 links, you can see why this is the no. 1 trusted motocross chain!

Proven By
Top AMA Teams

Winning chain of the 2019 Lucas Oil Pro Motocross Championship with Eli Tomac and the Monster Energy Kawasaki Factory team, as well as the 250 East Supercross Championship with Chase Sexton and GEICO Honda

Available sizes

  • 520ERT3   450 cc max


The 520MX boasts our highest rated tensile strength among non-sealed chains at 8,930 lbs. Perfect for the beating that chains take during tough, off-road races.

Championship Quality

Trusted by the 2019 AMA SX Champion, Cooper Webb, and the Red Bull KTM Factory team, as well as 6X AMA ATV Pro MX Champion, Chad Wienen, the 520MX wins championships!

Podium Performance

Utilizing our SDH pin treatment, with an extremely hard chromium carbide surface layer and a softer inner core, the 520MX is able to absorb shock loads without stretching and landing you on the box!

Available sizes

  • 520MX   500 cc max

Great Value
High Performance

The 520DZ2 is budget-friendly, high-performance racing chain designed specifically with local motocross champions in mind.

Chain Life

Designed to meet the demand of even the most grueling MX tracks with SDH technology.


The use of our patented SDH pin technology results in a longer life of your chain.

Available sizes

  • 520DZ2   450 cc max

Designed For
Jr. Champions

Our NZ Series is designed for mini champions and vintage bikes alike.


The NZ series chains are available in standard and gold & black (G&B) colors.


This is a great all-around non-sealed chain.

Available sizes

  • 420NZ3   150 cc max
  • 428NZ   100 cc max
  • 520NZ   250 cc max
  • 525NZ   400 cc max
  • 530NZ   750 cc max

Road Racing/Off-Road Racing


D.I.D's 520ERV7 is the chosen chain of road racing teams in MotoGP, WSBK, MotoAmerica, and used by incredible talents, such as Valentino Rossi, Andrea Dovizioso, and Alex Rins.

For 2020

Upgraded from the 520ERV3, the 520ERV7 boasts a 3% higher tensile strength, a 13% longer chain life, and less friction due to X-Ring material improvements.

Built for Professionals

D.I.D's top-of-the-line racing chain can be found on the bikes of Ricky Brabec for rally, Josh Strang for GNCC, and Ken Roczen for SX/MX.

Available sizes

  • 520ERV7   1000 cc max


The 520ERVT is designed as our top-of-the-line enduro chain, but it's strength, lightweight, and extended chain life makes it an ultimate racing chain.


Born from our original non-o-ring motocross chain, the ERVT boasts our patented X-Ring technology which provides less stretch, a higher tensile strength, and ultimately a longer lasting chain.

Yet Light

This is our lightest and longest lasting X-Ring chain in the 520 size.

Available sizes

  • 520ERVT   500 cc max

Top Choice

One of the top choices for AMA race teams, the ERS3 is one of our favorite motocross chain.

Yet Light

Using the latest technology, the 520ERS3 in one of the strongest, yet lightest chains of it's kind on the market today.


The 520ERS3 is one of our best performing chains because of it's low drag and high tensile strength.

Available sizes

  • 520ERS3   250 cc max

Built For
Road Racing

The 415ERZ chain is a road racing chain specifically for Moto3 Regulations.

Small Bike
Big Performance

Our 415ERZ can accomodate matching sized bikes with up to 250cc's of power.


Perfect size chain for your track bike to help you save on weight.

Available sizes

  • 415ERZ   250 cc max

Built For
Your ATV

The 520ATV2 is designed specifically for ATV racing, in order to give you the best performance out of your chain.

Lighter, Stronger
And Lasts Longer

Our ATV2 X-Ring chain is 7% lighter, 10% stronger, and has an 8% longer chain life than other similar products.

Cold Weather

The steel alloy construction minimizes heat cracking in cold weather during competition.

Available sizes

  • 520ATV2   750 cc max



Our Top quality O-Ring chains are quad-stake riveted with solid bushings and give you D.I.D quality at an economical price.


Get long-lasting quality with our VO Series chains.


Applicable for street and off-road bikes and ATV's up to 1000cc.

Available sizes

  • 420V   100 cc max
  • 520VO   750 cc max
  • 525VO   900 cc max
  • 530VO   1000 cc max


D.I.D's #1 VX Series includes the 428VX, 520VX3, 525VX3, and 530VX3 chains to for numerous street and off road motorcycles from 350cc to 1100cc.

Longer Wear

D.I.D's VX Series boasts a much longer chain life than the VO Series due to the patented X-Ring technology. The 520VX3 has a 32% longer chain life than the 520VO and the 525 and 530VX3 has a 41% longer chain life!"


This series has increased pin rigidity to help reduce flex, allowing for a more smooth ride and great throttle response.

Available sizes

  • 428VX   350 cc max
  • 520VX3   800 cc max
  • 525VX3   1000 cc max
  • 530VX3   1100 cc max


D.I.D’s ZVM-X Series has greater strength than the VX Series and is designed for heavyweight motorcycles with Tremendous Torque and Horsepower.

Longest Wear

The twisting action of the X-Ring® increases its sealing performance and its four contact points minimize power loss.


The ZVM-X Series' Direct Energy Transfer, born from our experience in MotoGP, means greater stretch resistance under load.

Available sizes

  • 520ZVM-X   1200 cc max
  • 525ZVM-X   1300 cc max
  • 530ZVM-X   1400 cc max