2020 Updates!

2019 has been a great year for us at D.I.D with a few changes coming along the way. For example, a resurgence of our social media accounts on Facebook and Instagram. If you haven’t checked us out on those platforms, be sure to do so as we give insider information on products, sponsored race teams, and like to throw in a giveaway every now and again! 2019 also saw added sizes of the 525 and 530 in our VO series. But as the holidays have quickly approached, it is time for us to focus on 2020.

If you are reading this, then you are probably aware that we have launched a new website with the hopes of making it easier for consumers, dealers, and distributors to obtain information on all things D.I.D. One of the major points of the website is the “Search By Bike” function where you can search for which chain, chain kit, and/or rim that best fits your bike and riding style. With many bugs to fix and tweaks to make, our goal is for didchain.com to be a helpful tool for you to make an educated decision on the best parts for your bike.

Without further a-dew, some of the product upgrades that will be available in January 2020 include the 525VX3, 530VX3, and the 520ERV7. The 525VX3 is an upgrade and will replace the 525VX. Those upgrades include an 8% higher tensile strength up to 9,980 lbs. and an 11% longer chain life! Hardening of the inner plate on the 525VX3 is what created the higher tensile strength, while the material of the X-Ring has been improved, resulting in an 11% increase of its wear resistance. With these improvements, the Max CC rating has increased to 1,000 CC.
d.i.d. 525VX3 racing chain
The 530VX3 is an upgrade and will replace the 530VX. Those upgrades include an 8% higher tensile strength up to 9,980 lbs. and a 5% longer chain life. The hardening of the inner plate of the 530VX3 gives us the increased tensile strength, while the X-Ring seal material upgrade gives us the greater wear resistance. These improvements have increased the Max CC rating up to 1,100 CC.
d.i.d. 530VX3 racing chain
The 520ERV7 is an upgrade that will replace the 520ERV3. Quite a bit of a jump from 3-7, but that is a story for another time. It has been over a decade since the 520ERV3 was introduced, so the 520ERV7 will see significant upgrades, including stronger inner plates, resulting in a 3% higher tensile strength, and a greater chain life, which is increased by 13% due to material upgrades with our patented X-Ring seal. The ERV7 will be slightly heavier than the ERV3 at 3.41 lbs per 100 links.
d.i.d. 520erv7 racing chain box

As some of us settle in for a long winter nap, it’s never too early to prep your bike for the 2020 riding season with one of our upgraded chains! Wherever you go, go with confidence. Go with D.I.D.